Ramón Barthelemy
PERU Group Leader
Dr. Ramón Barthelemy is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Utah and a former Fulbright and APS/AIP sponsored AAAS Science Policy Fellow. His work centers on equity in physics.
Camila Manni
PERU Post-Doctoral Scholar

January 2022

Miguel Rodriguez
PERU Post-Doctoral Scholar
Joined 2020
Dr. Rodriguez is at the
University of Utah studying
students of color pursuing STEM majors. His previous research involved studying 
cognitive and affective outcomes for student  working in small groups in
introductory physics.
Madison Swirtz
PERU Graduate Student
Joined 2021

Madison Swritz's research focuses on the experiences of queer students in physics. 

Brian Zamarripa Roman
PERU Post-Doctoral Scholar
Joined 2021
Melinda McCormick
PERU Consultant

Dr. Melinda McCormick is an assistant professor of social work at Western Michigan University. Her work in PER has centered on the experiences of women in physics and astronomy as they navigate their graduate programs. Dr. McCormick also conducts significant research on LGBTQ youth.

Melinda @ WMU


Mirna Mohammed
PERU Masters Student
Mirna Mohammed is a graduate student at the University of Utah. Her most recent research focused on US PhD Programs in Physics Education Research.
Matthew Mikota
REU Student
Summer 2020
Jessica Payton
Undergraduate Student
Winter 2021
Jessica is an undergraduate research assistant pursuing a degree in physics. She is working on policy related research and wants to attend law school.
Alexis Knaub
PERU Consultant
MacKenzie Lenz
PERU Post-Doctoral Scholar
Dr. MacKenzie Lenz is at the University of Utah studying the theory of change behind the physics department's new graduate program. Their previous research focused on students' ideas and beliefs surrounding physics
sense making.