Ramón Barthelemy
PERU Group Leader
Dr. Ramón Barthelemy is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Utah and a former Fulbright and APS/AIP sponsored AAAS Science Policy Fellow. His work centers on workforce development and equity in physics.
Melinda McCormick
PERU Consultant

Dr. Melinda McCormick is an assistant professor of social work at Western Michigan University. Her work in PER has centered on the experiences of women in physics and astronomy as they navigate their graduate programs. Dr. McCormick also conducts significant research on LGBTQ youth.


Melinda @ WMU

MacKenzie Lenz
PERU Post-Doctoral Scholar
Dr. MacKenzie Lenz is at the University of Utah studying the theory of change behind the physics department's new graduate program. Their previous research focused on students' ideas and beliefs surrounding physics
sense making. 
Matthew Mikota
REU Student
Matthew Mikota is an undergraduate at DePaul university. His previous research focused on misconceptions in physics as well as students' epistemological frames. He is at the University of Utah investigating LGBT+ experiences in physics.
Alexis Knaub
PERU Consultant
Dr. Alexis Knaub is a consultant, external evaluator, and long standing community member in PER. Dr. Knaub’s array of research includes social network analysis, understanding the DBER community, and equity in PER. Dr. Knaub is a research consultant with PERU.

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