Active Studies

Graduate Education in Physics and Astronomy

National Science Foundation Funded (RAPID): $200,000

Team: MacKenzie Lenz, Ramón Barthelemy, Pearl Sandick, Jordan Gerton, Alexis Knaub


Investigating the change process of a major research one's physics department from standard test based admissions to holistic admissions. Uncovering student experiences in both programs while understanding the implementation and successes of new comprehensive exam, course, and mentoring structures.

Longitudinal Study on Women in Physics and Astronomy and Students of Color in STEM

National Science Foundation Funded (BCSER): $350,000 

Team: Miguel Rodriguez, Ramón Barthelemy, Melinda McCormick


Following up with 21 women in physics and astronomy ten years after an initial interview and starting a new longitudinal study on students of color in STEM

Literature Review on LGBT+ Scientist Research

Association of Women in Science Funded: $20,000

Team: Ramón Barthelemy


Conducting a literature review on articles focused on LGBT+ scientists. Will outline major themes and ideas and methodologies to move forward

Inclusivity in Large Introductory STEM Courses

Pilot Study

Team: Josh Edwards (CER), Gina Frey (CER), Ramón Barthelemy


Survey based study seeking to understand the impacts of inclusivity and sense of belonging on student's performance and retention in introductory STEM course sequences.






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